Learning from Lakoff

Professor Lakoff’s discoveries in cognitive science elevate his work on political framing from “good advice” to “critical truths we ignore at our own peril”.

We have to understand how public opinion changes and the structure of our competing moral systems if we are to succeed in reaching people and overturning the Right’s dominance over our public debate.

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Anatomy of a Message

How do you develop a core message strategy? You need to figure out the one message you want to sink in over the course of the entire campaign. What is the relationship between that core message and the content you produce?

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It’s not about policy positions. Emotion moves swing voters.

They use emotions to connect with people. We use logic to try to convince people. Obama got it right in 2008. So why do we keep getting it wrong?

Drew Westen shows that swing voters move based on which party they feel more positive about at a given moment, which party they are willing to give a chance to take the reins.

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