AnitaBalloonsAntonia is a political consultant and dedicated activist who has worked for, advised or trained political campaigns, party committees and advocacy organizations across the country for more than 25 years.

Antonia worked directly with cognitive linguist and best-selling author, George Lakoff, to develop practical ways for people to apply progressive framing in political campaigns.

PostcardSQShe has always been interested in developing new technology and methods. She helped create one of the first ever online volunteer management systems for the Jim Webb campaign in 2006, and won an international award for her work in strategic targeting for the Center for American Progress. Antonia continues to search for new ways to improve the political campaign craft.

Antonia is constantly in search of new ideas. She regularly talks with organizers, staffers and activists across the country to learn what’s new on the ground. She studies communications, decision psychology, cognitive linguistics and cultural anthropology. She also studies the history and development of new practices in the private sector, such as word of mouth and influencer marketing, customer relationship management, experience management and human-centered design, in order to bring this knowledge to the political community.

The state Democratic Parties of Arizona, Florida, Virginia, Idaho, New Hampshire and Minnesota, Lake Research Partners, the Center for American Progress, Jerry Brown, Mark Warner, Jim Webb (Senate), John Edwards (Senate), Jeanne Shaheen (Senate), Anita Malik (AZ-06), Jim Moran (VA-8), Barbara Lee (CA-13), Victoria Wulsin (OH-2), Michele Young (OH-01), Wayne Powell (VA-7), Fairfax County Democratic Committee, Arlington County Democratic Committee, National Prostate Cancer Coalition, Greenpeace, CalPIRG, Environmental Working Group, Taxpayers for Common Sense, Oakland Unified School District, Chicago Board of Education, Consumer Attorneys of California, Southern California Americans for Democratic Action, IVI-IPO, and others.

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